Sunday, May 28, 2006

St. Andrew's 2006 Drama Production

This year we did two short plays rather than a single long one.

Our first play was "The Coming of Gowf," a comedy based on the story by P.G. Wodehouse, about a melancholy king who discovers a new religion: Gowf. It cheers him up mightily, and when his bride-to-be confesses she also is a worshiper of the great Gowf, they (naturally) live happily ever after.

How shall we cheer up the King?

The King discovers Gowf.

Princess, your slave!

The cast of "The Coming of Gowf"

Our second play was "The Blue Cross," adapted from G. K. Chesterton's story of the same name. It is a detective mystery, in which the famous Valentina follows mysterious clues all over London, to find what seem to be merely two harmless clergymen, sitting in a park. But as it turns out, neither one is exactly as he seems.

Flambeau's in England! They don't call him a master of disguises for no reason.

Ah, but Valentina's coming soon.

Just two clergymen in the park.

Or are they?


The Cast

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Eve and Snow White said...

Yay. It's my play. And that play that the other girl wrote. :D My pet play. And look, there's me in the photo. I love plays, we should do a musical next year. And if we don't, Lena and I are personally going to organize a protest. :D