Wednesday, August 29, 2007

In Which the High School Goes Backpacking

and Andrew finds a pet,
Sarah has very sore feet,
Charris turns into Josiah,
Serena eats beef stroganoff,
JoAnna's soul is photographed away,
and Rebekah is bothered by a bear who goes to St. Andrew's.

A common sight on the trip

And another common sight, the silly boys

One night in a real campground

We made it!

Did she take our picture backlit because we looked so bad??

Oh well... we had a great time.


We the Empress said...

Is there supposed to be a post here? Am I missing something? Does it not show up on Fire Fox?

A. Steinberg said...

Yes, there's supposed to be... I'll fix it.

We the Empress said...

Long Live Linus!